• Adobe Flash cookies
    George Jacob
    Adobe has created a new proprietary flash cookie which can save a large amount of data, lives indefinitely on the users machine, and cannot be read without accessing Adobe’s website. Wired Magazine reports that UC Berkeley researchers have found that 54 of the top 100 websites are using flash cookies now. How do Normal Internet Cookies Compare to Adobe Flash Cookies? Normal Internet Cookies are limited in their size to 4kb. This was part of
  • DMCA
    George Jacob
    The rise and popularity of the internet have changed the  way we create and share content. We have come a long way from the good old days of peer-to-peer sharing to the modern cloud-based sharing platforms. You can access any information in just a few clicks, even if you are sitting in a remote corner of the world. What we often ignore is the downside to this free access. Image credits What do you do
  • web design on mac
    George Jacob
    Below we’ll look at some of the standard software that is bundled with a new Mac to explore how these programs shape up in terms of their cost, friendliness, and efficiency. Image Source I-Web is Apple’s latest addition to the I-Life suite and probably the least developed of the programs to date. I-Web is a simple and intuitive web page design program aimed at the beginner. As part of the suite, it costs about $79

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