• Landscape design software
    George Jacob
    Not everyone is able to envision a finished landscape while looking at the bare ground. Landscape design software helps visualize arrangements of plants and fixed features to create the desired end result. Used in combination with good references books about plants adapted to a region, a landscaper will make better decisions and be more pleased with the result than landscaping through a haphazard purchase and planting process. Image Source Getting Started With Landscape Design Professional
  • CAD design software
    George Jacob
    Engineers use computer-aided design (CAD) software to perform many of their design and optimization tasks. A variety of CAD packages are available with different functions and target users. Image Source 2D CAD Packages The original CAD software packages developed as analogs to the physical draftsman’s table. The two packages that dominate this market include: AutoCAD – Autodesk’s AutoCAD is the grandfather of all commercial CAD packages. First released in 1982, AutoCAD is the premier 2D
  • Photoshop elements
    George Jacob
    When using functionally-rich image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, it is important to understand the principles of resolution (dpi) and size (dimension) as well as how these relate to print, web and screen images. This will help avoid confusion when, for example, images are printed too small or huge photographs are displayed on the screen. Image Source What is the DPI of an Image? DPI is a fundamental concept in dealing with images
  • Computer aided design
    George Jacob
    Every discipline of engineering relies on a variety of software products to assist them with design, evaluation, and management tasks. Computer-aided design (CAD) software is one of the most commonly used engineering program categories and is used in nearly all branches of the engineering profession. Image Source History of Computer-Aided Design Software At its roots, CAD software was a direct analog of drafting functions: to create two-dimensional design prints. The output prints were essentially identical
  • Photo editing software
    George Jacob
    Commercial photo and image editing programs don’t always come cheap. Although there are many different freeware alternatives that can be used to replicate some of the features of commercial packages, many users find that they just don’t have the same clout as the big names. Image Source GIMP’s photo editing free software package, however, is often favorably compared to Photoshop in terms of its functionality and features. What is GIMP? GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation
  • Photoshop through the ages
    George Jacob
    Adobe’s popular image editing software, known as Photoshop, or Adobe Photoshop has undergone major transformations since its inception in 1987. Today, it leads the image manipulation and commercial bitmap markets and is also commonly described as the “industry standard for graphics professionals,” according to CNN.com. Written in the C++ language, Photoshop began as a tool for professionals and print work, but has also become widely used among amateurs and online as well. Image Source The

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