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NVIDIA® Tesla™ Personal Super Computer

NVIDIA Tesla Personal Supercomputer

NVIDIA Tesla Personal SupercomputerNVIDIA Tesla - Personal Supercomputer
Get your own Supercomputer. Experience Cluster Level Computing Performance up to 250x Faster than Desktop PC's & Workstations right at your desk. The NVIDIA® Tesla™ Personal Supercomputer is based on the Revolutionary NVIDIA® CUDA™ Parallel Computing Architecture and Powered by up to 960x Parallel Processing Tesla GPU Cores.Download Brochure


         " Our WSX208-PSC Delivers Never Before
                                           Seen Levels of Computational Performance
! "

Performance Personal Accessible
Supercomputing Performance
>> Latest CUDA Architecture
>> 250x Performance of a PC
>> up to 960x GPU Cores Cores
  (Massively Parallel Processing)
>> Supercomputer in a Desktop >> Standard PC Power Plug
>> One Researcher Per Supercomputer

>> Program in C
>> For Windows or Linux
>> Available for Under £10,000


Latest 45nm Quad-Core CPU's

The CAD2 WSX208-PSC has been specially engineered to deliver the ultimate in desktop computing power; harnessing the very latest 45nm, 1600MHz FSB, Quad-Core Intel® Processors & NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPU Computing Technology for maximum power & system flexibility. No matter how complex your projects, process massive levels of computational data in record time with the power our our WSX208 Tesla Personal Supercomputer!


CAD2 DQX64-SE Workstation  
Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Engineering

Computer Aided Manufacturing
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Oil & Gas
Financial Calculations Supported
Molecular Dynamics Supported
Astrophysics Supported
and many more...... Supported

"Independently custom built to order to exact customer requirements our WSX208 - PSC feature some of the worlds fastest, most powerful computer technologies. Offering a superb return of investment (ROI), drastically reducing project processing times and providing professionals with both the power and precision to drive productivity like never before"

Features & Benefits

Your Own Personal Supercomputer
Dedicated Computing Resources for EVERY Computational Researcher & Technical Professional. No longer will you have to wait for time on a Departmental/Corporate Data Center or Server Cluster..

Cluster Performance on your Desktop
The Performance of a Cluster in a Desktop System. up to Four Tesla GPU Computing Processors Deliver Close to 4 Teraflops of Performance.

Designed for Office Use
Power Efficient Design that can Plug into Standard Power Sockets & Quiet Enough for use at your Desk.

Massively Parallel Many Core GPU Architecture
240x Parallel Processor Cores Per Tesla GPU that can Execute 1000's of Co current Threads.

Solve Large-Scale Problems using Multiple GPU's
Scale your Application to Multiple Tesla GPU's and Harness the Performance of 1000's of Processor Cores to Solve Large-Scale Problems.

Widely Accepted, Easy to Learn CUDA C Programming Environment

Easily Express Application Parallelism to take Advantage of the GPU’s Many-Core Architecture using the NVIDIA® CUDA™ C Programming Environment.

4 GB High-Speed Memory Per GPU
Enables Larger Datasets to be Stored Locally for Each Processor to Maximize Benefit from the 102GB/s Memory Transfer Speeds and Minimize Data Movement Around the System.

IEEE 754 Floating Point Precision (Single-Precision & Double-Precision)
Provides Results that are Consistent Across Platforms & Meet Industry Standards.

64-bit ALU's for Double-Precision Math
Meets the Precision Requirements of your Most Demanding Applications with 64-bit ALU's.

To design your own WSX208 - PSC or to speak with one of our Workstation System Specialists, call us on +44 (0) 800 180 4801, e-mail sales@cad2.com or configure below.


" 3 TeraFlops of Processing Power, in a Single Desktop System "

The CAD2 WSX208 Tesla PSC (Personal Super Computer) is the Ultimate Quad-Core Professional Computing Platform, developed using the latest NVIDIA Tesla GPU Technologies.

CAD2 WSX208 - Tesla PSC Specification

Microprocessors: Intel® 45nm Quad Core 64Bit Processors

  • Up to 4.0GHz CPU clock Speed (Max. 32.0GHz Total Processing Power)
  • 12MB Advanced Level 2 Transfer Cache
  • 1333/1600MHz Front Side Bus Support

Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft® Windows™ XP Professional x64 Edition
  • CentOS 5.2 Linux x64 Edition
  • Suse Enterprise 11 Linux x64 Edition
  • Red Hat Linux x64 Edition
  • Alternative Linux Platforms also Available - Please Contact Us for Details


  • Intel® 5400X Workstation


  • From 1GB to 16GB of Fully Buffered DDR-2 800MHz ECC Registered Memory
  • FOUR DIMM Slots Available

Workstation Graphics:

  • NVIDIA Quadro® FX Series - FX370 256MB - Base Level (2x DVI, 1x Dual-Link)
  • NVIDIA Quadro® FX Series - FX570 256MB - Entry Level (2x DVI, 2x Dual-Link)
  • NVIDIA Quadro® FX Series - FX1700 512MB - Mid Level (2x DVI, 2x Dual-Link)
  • NVIDIA Quadro® FX Series - FX3700 512MB - High Level (2x DVI, 2x Dual-Link

Hard Disk Drive(s)/Local Storage:

  • Up to 6x SATA 3GB/s Data Hard Drive Ports
  • Support for 7,200rpm & 10,000rpm Hard Disk Drives
  • 80GB to 1.5TB 7,200rpm
  • 150GB to 300GB 10,000rpm

Ports & Connectivity:

  • Front/Top Mounted: 2x USB2.0, 1x IEEE1394 Firewire400, 1x eSATA & Audio Ports
  • Rear: 4x USB2.0, 1x IEEE1394 Firewire, Audio In, 1x Audio Out, 1x Mic In + 1x RJ45 Gigabit LAN

Removable Devices/Media:

  • Dual Layer +/- DVD/RW Drive (Optional Lightscribe Technology)
  • Optional Blue Ray ReWritable Drive
  • Optional USB Floppy Disk Drive
  • Optional Multi-Format Digital Memory Card Reader

Peripheral Devices:

  • Display: Configurable with up to 2x LCD Displays via 2x Dual-Link DVI Connections
  • Keyboard: Standard USB Keyboard (Wireless Options Available)
  • Mouse: Standard Optical USB Scroll Mouse (Wireless Options Available)
  • Audio: High Definition Integrated Audio


  • High Quality Black Tesla PSC Supercomputer Chassis
  • Up to 2x 5.25" Expansion Bays
  • 1x 3.5" Expansion Bays
  • Up to 6x 3.25" Hard Disk Expansion Bays (Internal)
  • High Quality 1.5KW Workstation Power Supply Units with Active PFC

To design your own WSX208 - Tesla PSC or to speak with one of our Workstation System Specialists, call us on +44 (0) 800 180 4801, e-mail sales@cad2.com or configure below.


WSX208 - PSC

WSX208 - PSC

WSX208 - PSC

WSX208 - PSC

* Images for Illustration Purposes Only - Subject to Change Without Notice

To design your own bespoke workstation or to speak with one of workstation system specialists, please call +44 (0) 800 180 4801 or e-mail sales@cad2.com

Digital ArtsDigital Arts - Best Buy Award

Excerpt From Digital Arts Review
"The DQX-SE is built around two quad-core Xeon X5460 processors, which run at 3.16GHz. In our CPU based Cinebench R10 rendering test, the scores were the best we've seen"

"Where the DQX-SE wins overall is with the inclusion of AMD's ATI FireGL V8600 Graphics Card"

In our Adobe After Effects and Photoshop tests, again the performance was the best we've seen with performance in creative applications that everyone would love to have.

In summary, if your 3D or VFX demands spending up to £4,000 on a workstation, then the CAD2 DQX-SE is an excellent choice


Excerpt From MCAD Workstation Review
"COLOSSAL AND POWERFUL are probably the best adjectives to describe CAD2’s new VISION DQX workstation"

"What this latest technology means CAD2’s VISION has eight of the fastest CPU cores currently available, making it an absolute dream machine for users of multithreaded applications.

The VISION DQX ripped through our 3ds Max rendering tests and should offer similar benefits for CFD and FEA studies, particularly when analysing multiple design iterations concurrently.

All of this cutting edge processing technology is backed up with one of the most powerful professional graphics cards currently on the market. ATI’s FireGL V8600 is an ultra high-end card featuring 1GB of on-board GDDR4 memory.

In summary, the Vision DQX is a beast of a machine, both in terms of size and performance. The raw computational power on tap for multithreaded applications is astounding and the ultra high-end graphics card provides plenty of power with which to manipulate enormous data sets fluidly.

3D WorldThis Issues Winner

CAD2 has years of experience catering specifically to the creative industry, and clearly the company knows a thing or two about how to actually build machines for this market. Before we get to the specification, which is striking, or the performance, which is spectacular, it's worth considering the build quality on offer here. The cables have been routed sensibly through the tower case to make for a machine that is a joy to open.This is a whisper-quiet system using high-quality parts. The decision to opt for the highest-quality gear is also evident in the performance of the workstation in daily use."A powerful machine in every respect, but so quiet that you'd barely know it's on – and it won't even cost you the earth" The performance is impressive, but ultimately it's the added care and attention that elevates this machine onto the winner's podium. The quietness of the system in everyday use will make it a joy to be around, and the smart design means it won't be problematic to upgrade.

Digital Arts

The IMAGINE X64 is a compact, quiet workstation with a clean and simple design. It’s surprisingly capacious for such a small case, with three optical drive bays and four hard drive bays

This unit performed admirably in our Photoshop and After Effects CS3 tests, slightly faster than we’d expect considering the spec/price. It has a 20x DVD±RW drive and the included Logitech S510 keyboard/mouse combo is a great choice.

Using a complex scene in Maya, the FX 1700 took just 77 seconds to fly a camera through it. This is a lot better than you’d expect from a mid-range system; when compared to a high-end model.

The IMAGINE X64 is an Excellent Model!

4 out of 5

AEC Magazine

The IMAGINE X64 is certainly an attractive proposition for those already working with multithreaded FEA, CFD or rendering applications and also provides an excellent platform on which to build concurrent engineering work flows. When Budgeting for a New Workstation, Processing Speed, Memory and Graphics, typically take precedence over Hard Drive Performance. But a New Workstation from CAD2, which features a much more Cost Effective and Fast Hard Drive Sub-System could make you think again.

CAD User

Image rich applications like CAD require powerful graphics handling applications and this is provided in the ATI FireGL graphics sub-system that has offers lightning fast dedicated memory, which is ample for the most demanding CAD applications. "

C3 Magazine

CAD2's X64 Vision Pro is a bespoke Pentium 4 equipped workstation featuring excellent build quality and the latest high end Workstation Graphics Card. Created specifically for the 3D CAD and DDC markets, the C3 review team had a hard time letting go of one of the highest specification and best value workstations we've seen.

Digital Arts

The QX64’s power is bolstered by a well thought-out system of hard drives

This IMAGINE QX64 is an excellent workstation 4.5 Stars

Inside the DQX is a top notch set of components, including two of the best quad core processors in the worlds, 4GB of RAM and an NVIDIA Quadro FX4600 Graphics Card.

DIGIT Magazine4.5 StarsDIGIT Best Buy

Graphics cards are an important part of any computer system, and for 3D graphics they are even more so. The graphics card featured in this CAD2 Workstation is, without question, the fastest card we’ve come across.


The workstation provides an excellent platform for CAD users and this is reflected in the benchmark results where the machine delivered solid results across all applications

With CAD2’s Imagine Q64, you’ll not only be buying a machine that can satisfy your requirements today, but well into the future as your needs grow

This is a small price to pay for cutting edge performance which the Imagine QX64 has in abundance, making incredibly light work of scan line rendering in 3ds Max 9 and hardly raising an eyebrow when setting to work on concurrent cutting path calculations in Delcam’s PowerMill.

As always, CAD2’s attention to detail is exemplary - the chosen Silverstone chassis is classic in design and solid in construction and the system is put together with evident love, without a stray cable in sight. CAD2 have produced yet another excellent workstation.

For the latest CAD2 workstation reviews, please visit our press room. Click Here

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